Friday, February 27, 2009

If only 'Strictly' was like this

Could these be the most explosive dance sequences ever filmed? Two routines of rug-cutting so heavy-level, high-flying, fast and furious it's like Jackie Chan goes Cha-cha-cha.. However, if you know of a moment with more bounce-per-ounce in some other way - please feel free to cut in with a gentleman's excuse me

Be warned - you may suffer from a touch of motion sickness after the one minute mark

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why Do I Love Cosy Local Radio?

Partly because of it's inclusiveness - the way it's an open forum to phone in, get involved and become an on air have-a-go-hero - although I never understand the dreary Deidre and constipated callers that have to be prodded and pocked to draw out a weary 'yes' or 'no' - I was on a couple of weekends back, growling about dangerous dogs and have previous form for jabberings about my Starsky trainers and seventies fashions..

However the real highlight is a Sunday morning show 'The BBC Essex Years'. A show that indulges the listener with a full two hour rundown of the top twenty from one random year - padded with ad's and local news from the time. The fifties and sixties can lean towards a lumpy listen, but the seventies are solid gold - and somewhere I've picked up on these pieces of pure pop magic - Sail On Sailor, T.S.O.P and this peachy treat from last Sunday's 1972 show....

In case you're interested that full February 15th chart rundown looked like this - a cross-section of quality pop, that proves they really don't make 'em like they used to....

01 - Chicory Tip - Son Of My Father
02 - T.Rex - Telegram Sam
03 - The Chi-Lites - Have You Seen Her
04 - Slade - Look Wot You Dun
05 - Neil Reid - Mother Of Mine
06 - Don McLean - American Pie
07 - The New Seekers - I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony)
08- Sonny And Cher - All I Ever Need Is You
09 - Fortunes - Storm In A Teacup
10 - Al Green - Let's Stay Together
11 - America - Horse With No Name
12 - Greyhound - Moon River
13 - Badfinger - Day After Day
14 - Melanie - Brand New Key
15 - Bread - Baby I'm A Want You
16 - Nilsson - Without You
17 - The Bee Gees - My World
18 - Sly And The Family Stone - Family Affair
19 - Donnie Elbert - Where Did Our Love Go
20 - Stevie Wonder - If You Really Love Me

Chart stats from the might site

Friday, February 13, 2009

Stress Down Friday - French Letters (or Gitanes Moi Non Plus)

How did he do it?
What with the 'V' word just around the tomorrow's corner, a seasonal slinky soother could be just what the Écouter ordered. And there's none more slinky and soothing than a splash of Serge Gainsbourg. I don't understand a single syllable of his smokily mumbled mutterings (with the exception of a unexpectedly jarring - "MERDE!"). Maybe he's reading from a Ready Reckoner, the Periodical Tables or selected highlights from the Highway Code - but, whatever he's on about, it's getting him all smoochy doo, and Pepe Le Pew.

Or perhaps, it could be, that almost anything said in French is given the heated underglow of suggestion and smoulder .

As a note en bas de page Mrs PM once claimed, given the choice between Sasha Distel and Serge she'd go for Gainsbourg !

*Makes theatrical gulp, and arm wrestles with what this says about self*


Serge Gainsbourg - Melody

Monday, February 9, 2009

Shop Idol

Shamelessly apeing from Piley's recent post about band-names-adapted-for-shop-names..

Toilet rolls and tissues - Bums & Noses
punk delicatessen - Ham 69
Goth Japanese Restaurant - Sushi and The Banshees

I thought I'd give it a wallop myself by reformatting song titles into shops.

Stannah Stairlift Installations - Chairway To Heaven
Tanning Salon - Hey Mr Tangerine Man
Camping Supplies - Anoraky In The UK
Building Repairs - Brick Up The Pieces
Fish and Chips - Cod Only Knows

But I'm sure you could do much, much better..