Monday, February 9, 2009

Shop Idol

Shamelessly apeing from Piley's recent post about band-names-adapted-for-shop-names..

Toilet rolls and tissues - Bums & Noses
punk delicatessen - Ham 69
Goth Japanese Restaurant - Sushi and The Banshees

I thought I'd give it a wallop myself by reformatting song titles into shops.

Stannah Stairlift Installations - Chairway To Heaven
Tanning Salon - Hey Mr Tangerine Man
Camping Supplies - Anoraky In The UK
Building Repairs - Brick Up The Pieces
Fish and Chips - Cod Only Knows

But I'm sure you could do much, much better..


Keith said...

Not sure that I can do any better. I love those. Those are so cool. I'm not sure I had ever noticed any places like that around here. I'll have to be on the lookout though.

Clair said...

From an Elvis-only list we did once:

Cake shop - In The Gateau/Wear My Ring Donut Around Your Neck
Offal merchants - Mystery Brain
Shop for paupers - Don't Be Gruel
Steak house - Love Me Tenderloin/Steak On You/His Latest Flame Grilled Whopper
Chip shop for vicars - Frying In The Chapel
Crisps -The Golden Wonder Of You
Bakers - Burning Loaf
Chicken - Blue Moon of Kentucky Fried Chicken
Cheese shop -Blue Cheese Christmas

Furtheron said...

Woking in a coalmine?


Planet Mondo said...

Genius both - aren't there a few Indian Resturant classics

Tears On My Pilau
Korma Chameleon
Bhuna To Run..
Popadom Preach

Matthew Rudd said...

Chinese takeaway - Too Much Foo Yung

E F RICE said...

Video shop : Blockbuster .... wait a minute !

Planet Mondo said...

On a similar theme I saw this yesterday - genius