Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holiday On Ice

Well Bloggers and Bloggettes that's it on Channel Mondo for 2007 - the holiday handbrake is on. Pease feel free to pop over to planet mondo and fill your snow boots with the festive fun over there until the new year.

But until then, a big thank you is due to anyone who has read or commented on any of the ol' nonsense I've knocked out on this blog. And I'm sending an extra special thank you to all the those on the blog roll who were the inspiration for setting up this piece of ol' puffery up.

Over and out until 2008


Thursday, December 20, 2007

An Annual Event Pt 4 - 1977 -1979

The final round up of my annual report.


I wasn't a regular Monster Fun reader but loved this cover- I became smitten with Krazy comic in '77 and every other comic seemed dated after Krazy.

My two almost favourite shows of '77.

But both were shot in to second place by Starsky and Hutch.


I own a pair of Adidas SL 76's (Starsky's trainer of choice at the peak of the series) which still draw an occasional gasp from people of a certain age when I wear them.

I can't remember a single character from Shiver and Shake.


How many great opening sequences and themes in this selection? New Avengers, Starsky and Hutch, The Sweeney and The Professionals - no one makes opening title sequences and themes of that quality any more.

Krazy comic character Cheeky became so popular he eventually got his own weekly publication. This cover features the ever desperate stooge - Walter Wurks.

Monday, December 17, 2007

An Annual Event Pt 3 - 1975 and 1976

A few more from the Christmas collection - this isn't the complete catalogue of 75/76Annuals as Whizzer and Chips, Star Trek and Superman Batman and Robin had become standard issue Christmas prezzies by this point, these are just a few of the extra goodies given.

Was Funky Phantom 'Heavens to Murgatroyd' or was that Snagglepuss?
And where did the ol' granny come from? It didn't make sense then, it's mind boggling now.

I think this may have been the first Whoopee annual and featured The Bumpkin Billionares, Sweeny Todd and Frankie Stein.

Mainly reprints from 'Gold Key' comics with no Ron Ely anywhere.

My favourite Star Trek cover - you could almost touch the velvety texture of Spock's top, the silvery sparkle on his badge and the detail of the phaser. Magic. Unfortunately ended up covered with gauged lines from 'tracing' around Spock with tracing/greaseproof paper.

Got the standard issue Fleetway Annuals this year - Whizzer and Chips, Shiver and Shake and Star Trek, but these are a few of the more obscure 'under the tree' additions.

Bill Bixby getting in on the 70's cop show boom. The Magician Annual had instructions for a great trick with a balloon, sellotape and a pin.
Urco and his gorilla army absolutely terrified me. It's gorrilas on horseback - with rifles. The two astronauts (Burke and Virdon)in POTA were surley the inspiration for Starsky and Hutch.

Great Neal Adams style illustration, but a couple of 'bloopers' - Batman's boots are are too short, Superman's boots have a yellow flourish and his 'S'logo colours have been reversed. (Yes I am a comics anorak - but not quite a geek)

This annual may have contained a Gerald McBoing-Boing story .

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Clanger - The 'Sketch a Graph'

Strong statements with no sign of a disclaimer anywhere.

Click on the photos for close ups

Who was the twisted genius that came up with the concept of the 'Sketch a Graph'? And what committee of idiots were so impressed with the prototype and demos they put the thing into production. Fortunately I never got this box of disappointment for Christmas. Unfortunately I made the the mistake of splashing some Christmas money on one at the sort of shop selling stationary downstairs and toys upstairs, after being taken in with the adverts showing almost spectacularly accurate reproductions (in larger or smaller sizes) of maps, photos and illustrations created by this higgldy piggldy contraption - a cross between an etch a sketch, a compass and trellis fencing .

What in the name of Tony Hart was it all about? - I could have done better with my eyes closed using my left hand or if I'd tried drawing it driving over cobbles as the end result was always an absolutely hopeless shuddery muddle, not helped by the pivot only being secured by a solo drawing pin.

I found one almost MIB as they say on Ebay, for 50p in a local charity shop, but more amazingly the 'Sketch a Graph' is still going strong, you can see it here. It's been given a make over, and they seemed to have addressed the shudder issues. I could be tempted to try again.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

An Annual Event Pt 2 - 1974

My 1974 haul of Annuals seems to be well represented at

The Protectors - Gerry Anderson production, 'Avenues and Alleyways'theme tune and the lovely Nyree Dawn Porter too. *sighs*

I used to be a terror for TV Detectives, but always found Columbo and Canon a bit boring. I'm sure Steve McGarrett (Hawaii Five-O) must have been inspired by Elvis.

Superman, Batman and Robin - all thriller no filler illustration only. Luscious.

It Wasn't all action for 74 there were cartoons and comic annuals too.

I only found out about the Whizzer characters sneaking into Chips stories and vice versa, years after I stopped reading W & C ( I think Minnie's mixer - one of my faves had been phased out by the 74 annual).

The BBC always had the best cartoons.

Monday, December 10, 2007

An Annual Event Pt 1 - 1970 to 1973

Annuals and their giveaway shape when wrapped, were one of my favourite things about Christmas in the seventies. I loved the facts, stats, and picture stories - but could never be bothered with reading the mini written stories. This isn't my complete collection, just the edited highlights(read:ones I could find pictures of )

1970 - I got my first Christmas Annual in 1970 . POW, featuring Leo Baxendale's Grimly Feendish (partly based on Professor Marcus from The Ladykillers) in a haggis heist. And Spiderman battling the Meteor Man.

1971 - Tom and Jerry, I always thought it was a bit odd that these were full of speech bubbles, when T and J hardly ever spoke in the cartoons.

1972 - Disneyland had a story about Donald Duck being shipwrecked at sea which gave me nightmares for years.

1973 - My first Star Trek Annual. Kirk's top was always a bit too mustardy or green, but the ' Trek Annuals were all illustration, no long winded wordy nonsense here. Marvellous.

And the spectacular Persuaders Annual, the photo sections were tinted green - which gave a Tooty Minties vibe.

More to come soon - most of the pic's used here are from the mighty site

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Wizard of Ozzy - Rock n Roll Pantomime

Instead of the same sorry ol' soap stars and reality also rans grinding through their lines in the local theatre, wouldn't Rock and Rollers make superior Panto performers? After all, they're seasoned board treaders, they specialise in working the crowds and lung busting in theatrical costumery - so should be ready made for the festive season. But who should play what ?

I’m going for 'Wizard of Oz'

Katie Melua as Dorothy
Robert Plant as the Lion (understudy - Newton Faulkner)
One of Daft Punk as the Tin Man (understudy – the other one from Daft Punk)
Thom Yorke as the Scarecrow (understudy Bob Geldof)
Amy Winehouse as the Wicked Witch
Jimmy Page as the Wizard (understudy - Dave Gilmour)

Bjork Would make a superb Snow White
Prince (Frisky) Van Morrison (Grumpy), Kelly Jones (Shouty)would be perfect for a few of the shorties

And Amy Wino and Pete Dochers could be Cinderella and Buttons in Sleeping Beauty

Its only frock and roll but I like it.
(Oh no you don't)
(Oh yes I do )
*Continues for several hours*