Monday, December 17, 2007

An Annual Event Pt 3 - 1975 and 1976

A few more from the Christmas collection - this isn't the complete catalogue of 75/76Annuals as Whizzer and Chips, Star Trek and Superman Batman and Robin had become standard issue Christmas prezzies by this point, these are just a few of the extra goodies given.

Was Funky Phantom 'Heavens to Murgatroyd' or was that Snagglepuss?
And where did the ol' granny come from? It didn't make sense then, it's mind boggling now.

I think this may have been the first Whoopee annual and featured The Bumpkin Billionares, Sweeny Todd and Frankie Stein.

Mainly reprints from 'Gold Key' comics with no Ron Ely anywhere.

My favourite Star Trek cover - you could almost touch the velvety texture of Spock's top, the silvery sparkle on his badge and the detail of the phaser. Magic. Unfortunately ended up covered with gauged lines from 'tracing' around Spock with tracing/greaseproof paper.

Got the standard issue Fleetway Annuals this year - Whizzer and Chips, Shiver and Shake and Star Trek, but these are a few of the more obscure 'under the tree' additions.

Bill Bixby getting in on the 70's cop show boom. The Magician Annual had instructions for a great trick with a balloon, sellotape and a pin.
Urco and his gorilla army absolutely terrified me. It's gorrilas on horseback - with rifles. The two astronauts (Burke and Virdon)in POTA were surley the inspiration for Starsky and Hutch.

Great Neal Adams style illustration, but a couple of 'bloopers' - Batman's boots are are too short, Superman's boots have a yellow flourish and his 'S'logo colours have been reversed. (Yes I am a comics anorak - but not quite a geek)

This annual may have contained a Gerald McBoing-Boing story .

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