Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Wizard of Ozzy - Rock n Roll Pantomime

Instead of the same sorry ol' soap stars and reality also rans grinding through their lines in the local theatre, wouldn't Rock and Rollers make superior Panto performers? After all, they're seasoned board treaders, they specialise in working the crowds and lung busting in theatrical costumery - so should be ready made for the festive season. But who should play what ?

I’m going for 'Wizard of Oz'

Katie Melua as Dorothy
Robert Plant as the Lion (understudy - Newton Faulkner)
One of Daft Punk as the Tin Man (understudy – the other one from Daft Punk)
Thom Yorke as the Scarecrow (understudy Bob Geldof)
Amy Winehouse as the Wicked Witch
Jimmy Page as the Wizard (understudy - Dave Gilmour)

Bjork Would make a superb Snow White
Prince (Frisky) Van Morrison (Grumpy), Kelly Jones (Shouty)would be perfect for a few of the shorties

And Amy Wino and Pete Dochers could be Cinderella and Buttons in Sleeping Beauty

Its only frock and roll but I like it.
(Oh no you don't)
(Oh yes I do )
*Continues for several hours*


Clair said...

I feel Jarvis Cocker would slip nicely into any panto. Even as an Ugly Sister.

Planet Mondo said...

Jarvis would make a great 'Buttons' too,

I think I'll recast Amy Wino' and Pete Docherty for Jack and the Beanstalk. He's be just the sort of silly arse that would sell everything for a handful of 'magic beans'. Meatloaf could be the ogre