Thursday, December 20, 2007

An Annual Event Pt 4 - 1977 -1979

The final round up of my annual report.


I wasn't a regular Monster Fun reader but loved this cover- I became smitten with Krazy comic in '77 and every other comic seemed dated after Krazy.

My two almost favourite shows of '77.

But both were shot in to second place by Starsky and Hutch.


I own a pair of Adidas SL 76's (Starsky's trainer of choice at the peak of the series) which still draw an occasional gasp from people of a certain age when I wear them.

I can't remember a single character from Shiver and Shake.


How many great opening sequences and themes in this selection? New Avengers, Starsky and Hutch, The Sweeney and The Professionals - no one makes opening title sequences and themes of that quality any more.

Krazy comic character Cheeky became so popular he eventually got his own weekly publication. This cover features the ever desperate stooge - Walter Wurks.


Five-Centres said...

I was Krazy crazy too. I thought Cheeky was the best. I've still got that first issue knocking around somewhere.

Planet Mondo said...

FC - I found about two box loads of Krazys in the loft recently. The first one came with free Dracula fangs didn't it? And what a genius idea with the back cover disguises.