Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I Am The Walrus

Good God almighty I must have gone hard at it this Christmas. Even my 'not so hard to do up trousers' are on the point of bursting like an over inflated balloon - and they haven't even been to the Dry Cleaners so that's that excuse gone pop (soon to be followed by the trousers).

I'm sure I was wasn't feeling this puffed up and bloaty last January, but that'll be down to the scientific yet seasonally named 'Winter Vomit Disease' (are there other seasonal diseases?) which kicked in on Christmas Day.

So then resolutions for 2008

New Year rezzers at the moment are....

1 - Advance beyond just the Pentatonic scale for guitar playing.
Perhaps have a try at that crazy Mixolydian scale.

2 - Check for grammar, typo's and spelling mistakes before posting new blog entries.
I'm bound to have blown that one on this entry.

3 - Start getting up to date with TV and film.
I'm so achingly out of date with everything it's beyond ridiculous - never seen The Sopranos, Heroes or any US dramas, (I only started on Seinfeld last year). And the list of films I haven't seen is plain embarrassing

4 - Read books that aren't just music/pop culture/entertainment related.
This shouldn't be too tricky - in theory

5 - Try to do less blogging.
My heads constantly buzzing with bits to stick in my cyberspace scrapbooks, I've been a terror for Ebay, music downloading and Myspace but nothing has swallowed my spare (and not spare) time like the black hole of blogging. I really should try to apply the hi tech' handbrake more often in 2008

Updates may be posted throughout the year - but wouldn't that be breaking Res' number 5? Yikes it's like a Mobius Strip.


BLTP said...

Happy New Year hopefully res #5 won't slow your excellent flow of tunes!

Planet Mondo said...

Thanks BLTP, Happy New Year to you too.

Why not have a peep at the new mini mix
over on Planet Mondo if you get the chance - sort 80 and 80's New Wave a go go.

will we be seeing some more of your tip top vid's this year?

Matthew Rudd said...

Awesome. I assume the ill-placed apostrophe is there for irony's sake?

Planet Mondo said...


If only it was - I think I've got a punctuation version of Dyslexia or Dyscalculia, or perhaps it's just whizzing through without checking properly.

Res' number 4 has gone too - I've started on the Ronnie Wood biog'. and the blogging one is on the wobble.