Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Video Nasties Pt 1 - New Order 'True Faith'

There's a few videos that genuinely infuriate me, and 'True Faith' is probably the first one that made my neck as tight as a tent post. This tear up in Toy Town type video was irritating enough at the time - it just looks plain daft now. But what's even more blood boilingly annoying is that 'True Faith' still gets badged and branded as a "classic". The live sections are all fine and dandy - it's during the symbolism, sign language and serious faced slapstick where my shoulders start to slump. It's not even funny with the sound down. I really don't miss the 80's at all.


Cocktails said...

I had forgotten just how annoying and grating that video was. I am sure that there is lots of symbolism and meaning in there, but all I really understand is that almost everyone 'dies' at the end. Hooray.

Can't wait for part 2 in this series Mr Mondo!

Planet Mondo said...

Thanks cocktails - I've got few other offenders lined up in the rogues gallery, people who really should know better. Bright Ambassador - had another high sheen and shiny 80's vid showing here recently.

BLTP said...

i won't have word said against it because i'm in the film sort of, the live bits were shot at glasto and i'm 20 feet in front of Barney (sadly behind the cameraman) shouting " Blue monday" repeatedly also I love New Order they can do no wrong ever.

Matthew Rudd said...

True Faith hardly represents the whole 80s, does it?

I always hated New Order in my youth because they insisted on doing TOTP live all the time, and Bernard Sumner really, really, really can NOT sing.

BLTP said...

Blah blah blah Barney can't sing blAh blah
NEW ORDER ARE THE BEST GROUP EVER FULL STOP. The 80's were grest the 90's were great todays great. ;)

Planet Mondo said...

BLTP - I'm all for the live footage, it's the geometric Telly Tubby sequences that are the howlers.

MR I agree, it's not meant to be representative of the 80's as a whole, but does highlight some of the corny clangers dropped by video directors at the time.