Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Good Day Sunshine

You can buy these 'Will Patrons Kindly Refrain' tea towels here

It's just too sunny to be pretending to work or blogging (not strictly in that order) - so how about a trip to the beach?..

But watch out for broken glass..

Make sure you're a strong swimmer..

In case these two are around..

There's a medley of latin lovelies on the other side if you fancy a peep.


BLTP said...

and no skylarking and general horseplay either...
who by the way were a great act real old skool reggae !

Planet Mondo said...

Skylarking and general horseplay they sound like CB 'handles'

Matthew Rudd said...

That poster was in literally every swimming pool in the country in the 70s and 80s. Fantastic.

I remember asking my mum, innocently, why there wasn't also a cartoon depiction of someone taking a crap or slash in the pool, as presumably that was frowned upon too. She had no answer.

Planet Mondo said...

Uuugghh - my local pool was always peppered with corn plasters. And as if anone would actually strike up a gasper in the shallow end? Surely the ciggies and Swan Vesta's would go all soggy.

You should be able to get repros of this poster here or here - (be great for the bathroom)

Sky Clearbrook said...

Our local swimming baths still has that poster up all aound the place. When I was wee, I was never really sure what "petting" was. I'm still not.

"Teenagers Learn To Swim" is my favourite ever animated PIF. Again, it was years before I understood what he meant by, "I wish I didn't keep losin' me birds". I couldn't work out why the fairy godmother didn't just magic him up a birdcage. Doh!

My fave live PIF was "Children Watch Us Cross" - a 2 minute epic complete with superfuzzbigmuff guitar soundtrack. "If anybody had done that when he was driving, he'd have done his nut!". Classic.

Planet Mondo said...

Sky you're a star I'm a terror for a PIF but don't think I've ever seen 'Children Watch Us Cross' - I'll have to track it down

'Meet The Blunders' are personal faves

I wonder if having a smoke in the pool was perhaps a post 'heavy petting' ciggie

Piley said...

Love that tea-towel mondo, you picked one up?

I remember that poster well, yet it seemed to make not one jot of difference. They should have had 'no pissing' on it too!

Sky Clearbrook said...

You can see Children Watch Us Cross here.

You'll ruin your eyes.