Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm Looking Through You

Hurrah - bionic eyes are here at last. I've been waiting decades for a breakthrough like this - not that I wear specs, contact lenses or any eye tech' accoutrements.

However, I won't be signing up straight away.
No, no I'll wait until the technology's bedded in and settled down - what happens when these cyborg eyeballs have the inevitable mechanical meltdown? - Is there a puff of smoke and they and fly out like firework lollipops or do they 'blue screen' leaving you looking like Master Po from 'Kung Fu'.

But the main motive for taking a bionic backseat is that I'm waiting for those juicy optional (pimp your pupils)extras to be added to the package.

X Ray vision
Laser blasts
Sat Nav
Scrolling LED messages
Genuine photographic memory

Now that is worth waiting for...


BLTP said...

never worked out how steve austin coped with just having one bionic eye. Also how did they get away with selling "x-Ray" specs in the back of comics for all those years. They were like those big boxes of soldiers 500 figures the numbers being made up by bits of hedge and mine sweepers.You can see I'm, still angry that my mum didn't have $10 to give to buy some sea monkeys either.

Planet Mondo said...

I've never thought of that, it must have led to terrible migraines - and where did his bionic legs stop at the top (were there bionic - or telescopic, bits and bobs too !)

Other classic comic ad's were .... Evel Knievel on the back page Hostess fruit pies
Grit(?) magazine sell it to win prizes

And the most fanastic super hero toys that I could never order (didn't know what a zip code was)

Axe Victim said...

I always wanted the 100 soldiers for $1.00 in the back of the DC comics.

Planet Mondo said...

And what about the 6 foot 'Glow In The Dark Skeleton'? There was a Raquel Welch pillow I was always tempted with but too young to understand why

Piley said...

i always wanted that machine that you rolled a dollar bill into and it turned it into a five dollar bill. Stick in a five and it spat out a ten etc etc I genuinly thought this was a fantastic way to make a living....

The x-ray spex thing was always iffy, even as a kid. How come if you looked at your mate your saw his bones, yet you look at a girl and see her undressed?? those things musta had some incredible fine tuning on em..