Thursday, April 24, 2008

Stress Down Friday - Brian Eno

After drafting the architecture for Ambient Music, set dressing Bowie's Berlin trilogy, giving the Talking Heads a musical make over and creating one the most seminal sample albums ever ('My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts').
Eno also found time to crack off three albums of Electrokraut Robot Rock with Moebius,Roedelius and Plank..

'The Belldog' is a gentle melter taken from 'Begegnungen' that makes mention of "dark sheds" and "random code".

The Belldog

Eno on control, consumerism and religion - this is who I'd love to see as the Mayor of London .


Davy H said...

Bloke's a bona fide pigging genius and I love him to bits.

Planet Mondo said...

An incredible legacy and unlike almost any other performer I can think of there's never been a point where seems to have gone of the boil. I went to see his 77 Million paintings expo at Selfridges - but you can do your own home install with this (and perhaps a red light bulb)