Monday, April 7, 2008

Reasons To Be Cheerful Pt 2 - UK Place Names

I may be getting into BLTP type territory here - but some villages, rivers and streets have the chirpiest, cheeriest names. So cosy they could have been dreamt up by Enid Blyton - places like......

Broughton Poggs - should surely have been a character in The Flumps.

Hatfield Pevrel - I used to know someone with a cat called Hatfield Peverel.

Littely Green - the pub here serves triangular baps called 'Huffers', which are delish.

Steeple Bumpstead - can be sung to the tune of 'Okalahama'.

Cockle Row - I whizz past this everyday on the C2C line.

River Dikler - Aaah bless.

River Piddle - you couldn't make it up could you?

And what joker came up with this one ? Gobblers Knob *does theatrical Tom and Jerry type gulp* . Don't panic - it's in America and is to do with 'Groundhog Day' apparently.

And as a footnote 'Reasons Not To Be Cheerful'.

Why does every person that buggers off and buys a farm (or moves abroad) feel they have to write a bloody book about it!

A cheese grater will cost you eighty five earth pounds at Daylesford Organic Farm - so go here instead 'The Crock Shop' just up the road in sunny Stow.

If you do visit any of these places - don't forget to follow the country code....

Joe And Petunia - Country Code

When In the Country


BLTP said...

PM Nice to have you back. The enjoyment of delightful place names is universal, I was drawn into this by growing up close to places named "Penistone" pronouced "Pen is ton" and "wombwell" often said Womb well! In Spain we went to "Peniscola" (hmm tasty) where they filmed El Cid. I'm sure some the places you mention where so called just to confuse tourist as I defie anyone to say all them corectly without help. Holborn's bad enough!

Planet Mondo said...

Thanks BL, Once you go international it explodes with fruity rudeness 'Gobblers Knob', 'Peniscola' are two fine examples. I've just found a list which I'll roll over 'til next week full of similar winners like these.

'Symonds Yat' (a UK location) scans like the sound of a cow being sick.

BLTP said...

how about the bit of mitcham called "lonesome" or the area up in Edmonton called "freezy water" or isn't a "dorking" a filthy verb

Piley said...

Funny enough, I had a thing about mad town names some years back, there are some crackers around...

Anus in France is always a winner, there's a Tittisee in Germany and Cockplay in Scotland!

But did you know just a few short miles up the road, just outside Colchester is Fingringhoe?

Strange but true!

Welcome back by the way!


Mr Double Down said...

From yesterdays paper....

Mr Double Down

Roman Empress said...

What a cute idea for a post. The nicest country stretch I've been to in the past few years is Southwold and all around. My parents until recently lived in the Cotswolds too.
The longer I live in London though, the more the country unnerves me. Maybe I should fix that before I turn into a bonafide city slicker. Actually I can't see that ever happening fully.

Planet Mondo said...

BLTP - I'd never thought of 'Dorking' like that before, top stuff.

P - Why am I not surprised about that previous buzz of yours? 'Fingringhoe' lewd and local too - bonus. Did you have Stifford Clays on your list? Could be a Cowboy movie star, an 'adult' film actor or the mix that Cynthia Plaster Caster (a myspace friend of mine) uses.

Mr DD marvellous how could you resist if your 16 and tanked up on Woodpecker cider and got a marker pen handy.

RE - I went to Southwold/ Aldbeburgh/Thorpeness for a week last year (as the cotswolds were flooded)and it is gorgeous. Go on - get your rambling boots on and grab some open air breathing space.