Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rural Retreat

Tomorrow I'll be heading off here for a week (not the plynth or those buildings - but this town), so while I'm away why not have a dig round on my other blog if you haven't yet.

There's goodies like - mini mixes, mashups, rare tracks, remixes and interviews.

See you in a few days..


Axe Victim said...

Aye, but where is this then?

Planet Mondo said...

Well a couple of clues - John Entwistle had a mansion within walking distance - you can see it sections of 'The Kids Are Alright' where he's shooting albums like clay pigeons, the photos for this were taken there.

And Alex James's farm is near by..

Axe Victim said...

What am I a mind reader? Where the hell is it?

Planet Mondo said...

AV you could always use a bit of google doodle doo, or check here for another clue

Simon said...

I went there for a wedding last summer; beautiful part of the world...when you come off the M25 onto the road that leads there is some absolutely gorgeous scenery. And the chip shop on the main street does great chips!