Thursday, March 13, 2008

Straight Talking

Am I missing something? Twenty three people complain about one burlesque meets biblical advert for hair straighteners (which I still haven't seen) and suddenly it's like the Blitz, with the 'Straightgate' exploding cluster bomb style across the news and being reported with all the fuss and faff of Chicken Little claiming the sky's falling down.

It's twenty three people - out of a UK total of sixty million , one of them being the Archdeacon of Liverpool - someone whose job description is to wag his finger about such hairesy.

That's Twenty three people- the same headcount as players on a football pitch(including the referee), an empty looking bus load of biddies and less than the average class size - I've stood in bigger ques. Full marks to the good people at 'ghd' and their creative team on achieving saturation on a scale way beyond budget. I'd never heard of the 'ghd IV styler' before all this . I may even go and buy one now.

Lynsey De Paul - Storm In A Teacup

(a song I never get tired of and which ties in with this, that and the other)


BLTP said...

i imagine that a lot of the mighty 23 are the sort of people who specialise at being "offended" on behalf of other people, my pet hate. In these cases we should simply say "but isn't GOD big enough and ugly enough to look after himself"

Planet Mondo said...

The 'ghd 23' sounds like a group of seventies political activistists.

They always amaze me too, how do they know that the big ol' beardy bloke isn't on sticking up for the other side - there's better odds for it 60,000,000 to 23 in fact.

bleecher said...

the advertising agency Jemella who did the advert have more than 23 employees with dialing fingers i believe ..... hhhmmmm

cynical me?

lil x said...

I'm intrigued; do you know what it was about the add that touched a nerve?
Was it the sexiness of it or something else?
Love the hair-raising pic...Fantastic!

Planet Mondo said...

Lil - I haven't seen it yet, I'll have to check youtube.

lil x said...
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lil x said...

Oh I get it; I just watched it on youtube.
The complainers have never read "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins!

Planet Mondo said...

If they are genuine grumblers. You never know, it could be people connected to the company or Ad Agency logging dodgy complaints. It's like fireworks night - light the the blue touch paper, and watch the display.

I've been meaning to read the 'God Delusion' for ages, have you read this 'Will Storr Vs The Supernatural' genuinley terrifying.

lil x said...

I didn't think of that...must be getting gullible in my old age!

Thanks for the book recommendation PM...always up for a good read.

Piley said...

one gypsy called Basil Brush a racist, and now the police are investigating!! Its a mad mad world!

Planet Mondo said...

Was the headline 'For Fox Sake'?