Thursday, March 6, 2008

Stress Down Friday

This.... is Mr Ernest Ranglin- you may not know the name, but I guarantee you will have heard his playing at some point - Ernest is Jamaica's King of the Strings and has lent his laid back guitar style to tracks by Prince Buster, Jimmy Cliff, The Skatellites and most famously.. Millie's 'My Boy Lollipop'. This tune is taken from one of his more recent recordings 'Below The Bassline' where his sunshine shuffling style is set to an acoustic Jazz/Reggae infusion.

Before the phrase " Jazz/Reggae infusion " has you reaching for the remote, hang on for a just one mo'... this really is worth a spin and I guarantee ' Below The Bassline' is the perfect soundtrack for sipping on a sunblushed summers evening .

Ernest Ranglin - 54-46 Was My Number.mp3

If you fancy something more uptown, uptempo - why not see what's shaking on Planet Mondo.

If you're after something more downtown, downtempo - why not try a mellow melter from Johnny Adams.


Axe Victim said...

I say yeah!
I say yeah!
I say yeah baby, that's more like it. Now you're hittin' the note. My kind of laaaaaaaaaaaaid back vibes.

Cocktails said...

Nice. 'jazz/reggae infusion' is the future.

Planet Mondo said...

Glad you like - I can't recommend Ernie's album enough.

May be spinning up another Reggae treat for Monday on Planet Monday - a Studio One cover of Chic classic.