Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Working Titles

Things I don't own and probably never will, but have the names ready - just in case....

Pet rat - Snapper
Pet cat - Ezekiel
Pet dog - Banjo
A racehorse - Babacombe Lad
Chintzy tea room/holiday cottage/guest house - The Spinney


BLTP said...

Fantasy tea room now there's a list I can join.
rat Zero (i wouldn't have one).
Cat: Tycho
Dog: John
tea room: sea currants.
What would your second hand record shop be called though?

Did I ever tell you about our plan for a lap dog dancing club....

lil x said...

I've got a lot of respect for Rat's, (shame they get such bad press!) they are very intelligent and make excellent pets...are you sure about "snapper" though? isn't that tempting fate a bit?

Also a big fan of Cat's for the same reason!
I know its only hypothetical but why "Ezekiel"?

Planet Mondo said...

BLTP - all good names, my
Record shop would be 'Dusty Nuggets'.

You didn't tell me that. I would remember - don't they have similar sorts of places once you start heading towards Shoreditch way.

Did I tell you I saw someone walking a ferret in Carnaby St last week? I've got a photo on my phone.


I think 'Snapper the Rat' has got something going for it.

I don't know where 'Ezekiel' came from - it just sounded right , but may have been inspired by someone I knew whose black cat was called 'Hades'

If I had a boat it would be 'Hello Sailor'

BLTP said...

as to a record shop I was thinking along the lines of "Run out grooves".
and as for boats aren't always called "dignity" !

lil x said...

My black Cat is called "Dax The Demon"
short list names were "Morpheus" and "Blade".

If I ever had a:
Rat "Elektra"
Dog "Arther" or "Esree"
Horse "Storm"
Tea rooms "The T-Cozy"
Boat I would name after someone special to me
Ferret's are so cool but they really smell!

Planet Mondo said...

BLTP I've changed my boat name it's 'Tradewinds' now.

Lil - more great names.

Forgot to mention my spy name would be..

Chester Moonlight - from a misheard Santana lyric ('I am just a mirage')

Milton Steele - saw it on the side of a lorry years ago and sounded like a Secret Agent not so glam in reality though.

lil x said...

Cool Spy names PM; I would be Astra Ethereal...
I'm gonna think about it though and may change my mind.

lil x said...
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Piley said...

surely a tea room owned by Mr Mondo would be:

Ye Olde Worlde Tea-e (and cofee-e) shoppee??

Brian is a good name for a cat, as is David for a dog...

I seem to remember hearing a racehorse called "just behind" or "just ahead" or somethin... named just to fuck uo the racing commentary! "first is 'just behind', second..."

BLTP said...

my spy name would be :) !

Planet Mondo said...

Lil - BLTP excellent espionage names.

Piley It's tempting but I'm sticking with The Spinney.

Planet Mondo said...
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Axe Victim said...

Fantasy Tea Room. What a wonderful title. I shall set about writing a song with it in somewhere. My wife thinks I hang out in laptop bars - that too is another song line somewhere.

Rat: Bastard
Cat: N/A because I always have two
Dog: Buster
Tea Room: Me old China
Race Horse: Mr. Ed
Boat: Locks-a-Lordie
Pub: Pub
Record shop: Semi Vinyl
Guitar shop: Axe Victim

Planet Mondo said...

AV those are quality names did you know Brian James's band prior to forming The Damned was called 'Bastard' -

Fantasy guitar shop name? Now that's a toughie..

lil x said...

Like a hermit crab looking for a better fit; I have the new spy name "Lillia le Fevre"
(pinched the sirname from an ancestor)
What do you think PM does it go?

Roman Empress said...

Pub - The Bishop Bonner
Cat - James (or Dr Feelgood, can't decide)
Son - Bernard