Friday, July 11, 2008

Moon Boots

Following on from the last post's theme of themes it seems appropriate to post this - a monster mashup of Space 1999/Destiny's Child/Stevie Wonder/The Flying Lizards - neatly clonked together by the King of cut and paste Pop Mark Vidler (Go Home Productions).

Go Home Productions - Destiny 1999

I've still got my original pair of Dinky Eagles and both are in great nick you know.* Snaps fingers and thinks - what a great name for a blog or mystery session musician 'Dinky Eagles'!!!*

This post is dedicated to Reg Varney who's 92 today.

Theme from 'On The Buses'


BLTP said...

nice bubble gum cards

Planet Mondo said...

Remember the Planet of the Apes ones? I had a full set of them.

BLTP said...

I'm afraid bubbly was frowned on in our house so i only had what I could trade for other things, I had some starwars ones I think and the odd other one.