Tuesday, July 22, 2008

That Linking Feeling

During some recent cyberspace-hopping I've stumbled across a fistful of mighty sites, all of which are just too good to keep hush about - so, I'm logging them in the blog with one pic' from each, to give a taste and flavour of the treats instore..

The Cobwebbed Room

The best of British horror from compendium paperbacks and ghouly mags to Horror Bag crisps and Haunted House ice lollies - but no sign of the terrifying hardback, large format, New English Library Dracula/Vampirella style comic which I swapped for something silly years ago.

Peter Gray's Cartoons and Comics
If you were ever a Whizzer and Chips, Whoopee or Shiver and Shake fan this blogfull of comic covers, stories and features should be right up your Fleetway Street.

George & Lynne
Fancy getting your hands on a Sun loving swinger - there's original 'George and Lynne' artwork for sale right here.

My Rear In Sears
Retro a go-go - for him and her

Worst Bowie photosEven international superstars have mad hair days.

What Not To Knit
Don't say you weren't warned!


powerball lottery numbers said...

What a great moment of reading blogs.

Piley said...

nice selction! the horror and the comic ones were the best for me (like that's a suprise!).

All the best with your powerballs by the way!!??!


Planet Mondo said...

I've found some info on that New English Library Dracula book I mentioned in the posting - it's the sort of thing that might be in Piley Towers somewhere. I'll post some details soon.

My powerballs are fine matey - strong like bull

Roman Empress said...

I used to have Whizzer and Chips delivered to the house for years. Excuse me, I must check out that Bowie site before further ado.

Piley said...

mondo - in the loft i have this awsome horror sticker book that i got in the early 70's. Not sure if it's Panini but that kind of this. When i look at it it brings back so many memories - not even got that many stickers in it, but i used to love it!


Planet Mondo said...

RE - there's some great W and C scans on the Peter Grey site.

P - I think I've got the same thing - it's pre Panini and sort of hippy horror with sticker stories that ran over a couple of pages and red cover). Have you got any 'You'll Die Laughing' Bubble Gum cards? with punchlines like.

"Come on in the water's lovely" "What do you mean I've got dishpan hands?"