Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day Tripper Tips

Well I'm here for a week, then off again next week - but, with no particular place to go. I'm hoping to manage a few trots out but seem to have run out of puff for places to visit - possibles on the itinerary are....

Knowle Park - done the park, but not the house.

Winchelsea Beach - always worth finding this hideaway nugget.

So any hints, tips and suggestions for sights to see and venues to visit around the south and south east would be welcome.

I won't be hoofing any further north than Suffolk, further south than Sussex or more westerly than perhaps Chelsea way.

Day tripping on previous 'at home' holidays has included outings to .....

Kenwood House, Hampstead and Highgate cemetry all doable as a day trip.

Chislelhurst Caves - chilling. Terrifying. Never again.

Aldburgh - it's got the the best chippie in Britain.

'Day Tripper' from The Beatles cartoon series

Sergio Mendes remake/remodel of 'Day Tripper'


Cocktails said...

If you like the outdoors (in this weather? ha!), have you ever been to Rainham Marshes? I haven't but I hear its quite good.

There's also Southwold and Dunwich in Suffolk, but I suspect you might have already been there.

If it's raining and you fancy a trip back to Hampstead for a bit of modernist architecture I recommend 2 Willow Road -

I could spend ages in the Museum of the Docklands too.

Valentine Suicide said...

You couldn't pop 'round here and give us a hand with me barre chords, could you?

Planet Mondo said...

I did Southwold. Walberswick and around the Dunwich area last year *sighs at the memory* - Haven't been to Rainham, but that could be a goer and Ernö Goldfinger's place, now that is tempting.

VS all the answers about guitars are on the 'tube barre chords and even drop tunings (drop tunings are much easier than they sound - this lesson is for 'Bohemian Like You') .

Cocktails said...

The only bad thing about 2 Willow Road is the risk of getting the song Goldfinger stuck in your head.

If you are into 20th century architecture I also recommend the Grand Masonic Lodge on Great Queen Street in London. Don't smirk ;) It's a fabulous art deco building with a beautifully restored interior. They also shoot bits of Spooks there. I think they have daily tours.

Five-Centres said...

Robert Opie's packaging museum in Notting Hill. It's bang up your alley if you've not been there before. I loved it.

Planet Mondo said...

Great call FC. I've got two of Robert Opie's 'Scrapbooks', sixties and seventies - natch!

BLTP said...

sir john soanes museum in Licoln in fields is good and free, it's real hidden treasure on tues eve a month it's candle lit.
Grenwcih and obseravtory is good as is dulwich picture gallery and the horniman if you can brave south London

lil x said...

Have you ever been to Dover Castle?
It's Fantastic!!!
I especially enjoyed seeing "The Wartime Secret Tunnels".
see more about the castle here:

Piers Moron said...

Recording cutting remarks, social commentary and the general dislike of Piers fucking Morgan -

Planet Mondo said...

BL - More top tips, I think I've heard about the sir john soanes museum.

Lil - could be tempting too - have you heard about these WW2 Sound Mirrors in Kent

lil x said...

I saw the episode of Coast on TV where they tested them to see how effective they were; very interesting stuff!

Have you got a shortlist of potentials yet PM?