Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Is it just me or has eBay really become as dull and dreary as ready-to-drop donkey? Rewind just a few years and the 'Bay was an online goldmine. A twenty-four hour rolling cyber bootsale of bargains and 'Buy Nows' (to the point of a groaning postie moaning at me "not you again") perhaps the greatest golden nuggets were the 'not strictly legit' ones - live recordings of fave bands, and not officially endorsed DVDs (or VCDs) of long deleted films - but the clampdown on cheeky treats like these is one reason why eBay has become as stale and stodgy as cold old porridge. And how do the auction house action force manage to monitor for cyber scammers and schemers so thoroughly with the heavy level turnover of items listed at any given moment?

Now there's only ever a handful of bits on my watch list, even less on my win list and none of these have that last minute 'must-have, pulse-pumping, countdown (like the Sex Pistols box set I unwittingly outbid Piley on after employing one of his last minute bid tips - whoops!)

There is an interesting bidder beware spin-off though. Reflector Porn, a stealthy way for show offs to literally put the goods on the barrow and parade their wares - Piley's got a great piece on it here..

And don't even start me on selling - I haven't listed in over a year.
Listed below are my five last buys - but what where your last or best bargains bagged via the 'Bay?

Mock Tiger Fur Guitar Strap

2x Witches Hat guitar knobs (volume & tone)

Leather Guitar Strap Splattered Union Jack

Ukulele cowgirl / Record Girl Pinup Pin up guitar decals

Epiphone Les Paul Custom

That's three of my last five buys right there....

Whaddya mean mid-life crisis? Just because I'm trying to clone my own Steve Jones Sex Pistols guitar


Cocktails said...

You're right, the lustre has gone off ebay. I've only ever really used it to buy music and I haven't visited the site now in ages. In my case it's because I've realised that nothing beats scrabbling through second hand shops, charity shops and car boot sales. And charity shops don't pretend that everything is 'mint' or 'rare' either!

Roman Empress said...

I'm still waiting for a dress I ordered last year. It was the last thing I ordered. That wouldn't necessarily put me off but it's all a bit dishonest sometimes and paypal didn't help much with compensating me either (try getting in touch with them).
My friend was sold a broken buggy, described as 'mint' too.
Abebooks - now there's a great online book store.

Planet Mondo said...

I generally get CDs and books via 'new and used' from Amazon Cocktails - crazy prices, literally pennies. And what are some charity shops thinking I've seen the mankiest albums for crazy prices..

I have used ABE, RE - but everything I've been interested in is in the US and you get walloped with postage - I've been ripped a couple of times on the 'bay - but nothing terrible. I may have to post about my top sales and bargain buys one day

lil x said...

I think that I missed the ebay boat; arriving too late!
I’ve had nothing but frustration and disappointment so far – It would have to be a very special something for me to venture in again…

Keith said...

I've pretty much given up on ebay. It just doesn't seem to have anything that interests me much anymore. I agree with cocktails' post. I love going to the flea market, thrift stores, yard sales, etc. and finding goodies there.

Planet Mondo said...

Lil - Keith that's it, it's become the same ol stodgery now - I have had few bargains off there in the past...guitars for crazy cheap prices from the US(because of £s for $s )

But I mainly use it for clothes shopping now - and have grabbed a load of quality clobber via the 'bay

Cocktails said...

Would they be tiger print clothes then Mondo, you know, to go with the guitar strap? ;)

Piley said...

funny innit? I also see ebay as a bit 'past it' these days. I remember the time if you wanted it, some bugger would be selling it! no matter what. I ever, ahem, 'stumbled' on a few cheeky dvd's whilst perusing the home cine film section ;-)

But now it's a site i hardly ever think of going to anymore.

I've been pissed off by their money making tactics too. In the old days you used to get a 'free listing' day once or twice a month. never get that anymore... now you have to pay to list it, pay so much percentage when you sell it, then pay another whack for accepting paypal (also owned by e-bay)... FFS!! Is there any money left for me at the end of it??

Good post


Planet Mondo said...

Well not quite tiger troos Cocktails - but I did but a T shirt like this at the weekend £10 with shipping from Australia.

You sure it wasn't me nipping in at the end and outbidding on the Pistols Box set that put you off P...

Five-Centres said...

Everyone's got wise to it now. I rarely bid, just buy now if I'm after something in particular. Prices are overly inflated and sellers greedy. Also, sellers cannot give negative feedback, so if someone doesn't pay you, you're fucked.

I've sold loads over the past few months, though, CDs and things, and made some good money. But no one wanted my jukebox, and now I'm stuck with it.

I stick to Amazon mainly.

BLTP said...

I bought one computer game (scrabble BTW) for my ds. and some Icubes vinyl racks which i think you can get elsewhere now. I can't be arsed bidding I'm afraid so go to amazon for cd's. I am hacked off that sometimes you search for things and just can't find them. I am annoyed that people by up the cheap vinyl and stick it on ebay I think people think every last lp is worth a fortune so i stick to charity shops and flea markets (no i'm not saying where!)

Planet Mondo said...

I used to love reading the 'feedback wars' - made for great lunchtime browsing, but like you and BLTP I'm mainly 'Amazon' for new bits now - well 'new and used'