Friday, November 28, 2008

Stress Down Friday - Apple Turnovers

I'm having a Beatleg remix special on the PM blog today, so it seems a perfect time to drop these two lovelies in as part of the occasional 'Stress Down Friday' series..

Mark Vidler works his mix-magic by morphing The Beach Boys and Beatles into an almost CSN (Our House) sounding gentle melter.

Go Home Productions - Sloop For No One

While Soundhog's pop fusion of The Beatles, Mogwai and Kid Loco becomes an ambient after hours rumbler

Soundhog - A Day In Tracy's Life

And should you fancy a few more tunes that help you more breeze more easily - why not grab my Lazy Sunday mix which features 'A Day In Tracy's Life' tagged at the tail end..


Keith said...

I enjoyed both, but especially the second one. It's nice to have some music to release stress. I think all of us have more than enough stress in our lives. I've had a pretty active holiday weekend so it was nice to unwind today.

Planet Mondo said...

I've got a few mellow mash-ups tucked away Keith - I'll have to dig them out - don't forget to give the Lazy Sunday mix a spin if you get the chance..