Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Shopper

Bennett Brothers Inc. BlueBook of Quality Merchandise 1970

I found these retrotastic scans as part of a set on Flickr recently, and after years of scouring, scanning and sifting - this the closest I've got to getting my mitts on a complete 1970s catalogue.

For something that seemed to achieve saturation on a massive scale during the seventies - it's almost impossible to uncover any 'vintage'catalogues. Boot sales, charity shops, libraries and ebay - I've tried them all, and not a sniff of these handbooks for home shoppers. It makes sense that'spring/summer' would have been lofted, boxed or binned when 'autumn/winter' arrived(with Christmas hampers and tinned hams at the back), but I'm boggled that so few of these scrapbooks of style have survived.

So, until I eventually track down one of these treats, I'll have to console myself with these catalogue scans and some sounds that may have been spun on a sterogram purchased in monthly payments.

It's All At the Co-Op Now - Alan Hawkshaw.mp3

Life of Leisure - Keith Mansfield.mp3


Cocktails said...

Oh boy, my Grandma used to have one of those bedspreads. Memories!

It's not that surpising that you are having difficulty finding 70s catalogues - people do tend to disregard ephemera and see it as clutter rather than social history (even though catalogues are way more interesting than carefully preserved National Geographics any day). I speak from bitter experience as I've kept quite a few 80s catalogues which my parents still rib me for. One day they'll be worth a fortune, mark my words...

Planet Mondo said...

'Candlewick' I think those bedspreads were called.

Exactly these books are great social snapshots, down to the tiniest detail of every day life as it evolves year by year.

I'd love to see those 80s ones are you not tempted to scan some in?

Cocktails said...

Subtle, Planet Mondo, subtle!

Sadly, one key fact that I failed to mention is that the reason my parents rib me about the catalogues is that they, alongside a huge pile of old NMEs,Qs etc. etc., are sitting in my parents garage on the other side of the world. I am still smarting from how much it cost me to freight my vinyl over, so until I win the lottery, my parents will have to remain very tolerant people.

office pest said...

Just a quick search on ebay revealed these item numbers, if of interest to you....



best regards OP

Planet Mondo said...

OP - Thank you, you're a star

Ordred up 220204708952 last night

It's nine - yes nine catalogues on one DVD. I'll be sure to let you know when I've zapped some pics online

BLTP said...

if only you could still order stuff from them:
I'll have a full set of Hotwheels cars and the proper Evil kinevel stunt set and a hamper hevay on the ham, biscuits and tinned peaches.
oh and all the lego

Planet Mondo said...

BLTP I've got a couple of catalogues stored away ready for scanning originals which I've had since childhood

A Dinky Toy one (either 74/75/76) with all the classics in it Pink Panther, Joe 90 etc..

Airfix models with the figures and kits

And an Admiral sportswear one 76/77 season when David Soul hairdos, and 'snug u like' shorts seemed to be all the rage.

BLTP said...

on the subject of wandsworth's finest Airfix!
and in the interest of full disclosure someone got me this book which drifts into spodland but has fanstastic pictures

Planet Mondo said...

BLTP - that's just teasing. I saw that book at the marvellous Soho Bookshop (Middlesex Street one- if you're ever passing)for five earth pounds - went back to get it the next day - gone. *gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair sounds*

office pest said...

Oh, you mean like this one:


It is by the same author but might be a different edition to bltp's.

My other life as an ebay trawler is now well and truly out there isn't it.

And, you're more than welcome PM.