Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hooray For Harold Lloyd

They don't show silent films on TV anymore. Which is a tragic shame, as I've been waiting decades for 'Hooray For Harold Lloyd' to be repeated. I've got about three hours worth on clunky ol' VHS but the video was 'lofted' a while ago - so that's that.

Laurel and Hardy always left me cold - those breathing spaces and built in silences allowing for audiences to guffaw themselves purple, just fell flat in the front room. And skits with stairs, pianos and tangling themselves into reef knots with each others jackets was just plain irritating.

No, Harold Lloyd was always the kiddie for me, with his energetic enthusiasm, unyeilding optimism, dynamic acrobatics (all performed with a thumb and several fingers missing), a kittenish eye for the girls and that fantastic haircut. Even the music in these made for TV comps was pitched perfectly in each scene.

Unfortunately these two clips, intact with the music have been dubbed in French so the broad Brooklyn accent supplying the narrative is gone.

'Hooray For Harold Lloyd' - Opening Titles

There was a scene in the closing credits of 'HFHL' of Harold stealthily blackflipping on a bridge and then leaping over a wobbly cyclist - I'd be eternally grateful if anyone could identify the films these scenes are from.

This is possibly the greatest of all Harold Lloyd's shorty films..

Harold Lloyd - 'Hey There'

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The definitive DVD box set - complete films, not the TV comps


Roman Empress said...

I'm a stranger to these parts, so 'hello'! What a treat to have someone recognise the magic of Der Lloyd. La dog's testes.

wastedpapiers said...

Also a big fan of Harold. I have a few of his vids too and happy to put them onto DVD for you. let me know offblog.

Thanks also for comments on Boot Sale Sounds. Much appreciated.

Planet Mondo said...
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Planet Mondo said...

Hi RE. Great to see you over here too.

WPP - thanks for the kind offer, be in touch soon.

bleecher said...

Gawd bless C4 for educating me in the ways of 'the lloydster' i'm sure he'd give it a thumbs up himself ..... if he had any left... :/

Planet Mondo said...

Think it used to be on BEEB 2 around 6'ish - it was before or after 'Eureka' with Beadle and the lovely Gabrielle Drake as the two programmes seem fused together in my memory banks.

bleecher said...

fair play ... oohh ms drake now theres a woman ... #rubs thighs vic reeves style# nurse! my pills!!

office pest said...

Love Harold and Buster Keaton as well, also Laurel and Hardy; Ollie's looks to camera are superb. But Chaplin I just don't get, can't understand why really.

Planet Mondo said...

OP have a dig round on Youtube there's stacks of silent comedy clips on there.

Clair said...

Gotta admire the boys' bravery, don't you? Big fan, me.

Matthew Rudd said...

The first time I ever heard of Harold Lloyd was when he was namechecked by Gnasher in the Beano.

True story.

Axe Victim said...

I've been waiting for this boxed set to come out for ages, so now I have ordered it thanks. Don't be so hard on Laurel and Hardy, I also have the complete box (£50.00from HMV)and it brightens up many a dull morning/day when nobody is around and I want to just relax with some quality laughs.

Planet Mondo said...

Matt - I used to love those Gnasher badges the fan club members were sent - furry things with eyes (the badges, not the fans)

AV - I've ordered it up too, new used via Amazon at some crazy low price - also the Python by Python DVD set for 8 earth pounds again N or U via AMZ

I'm so pleased that Harold is as popular as ever - there should be a campaign to get him back on TV

Piley said...

oh yer bugger... i had already planned a Lloyd post, and had even gone for the same title!

Am working through that box set & will be posting a review when i reach the end.

top work fella