Friday, September 12, 2008

Stress Down Friday - The Slider

I've only ever belonged to one fan club - Marc Bolan/ T Rex (circa 1987). I lasted about a year, but bailed when an ugly ‘Judean People’s Front/People’s Front of Judea’ style civil war exploded between several militant Marc splinter groups - but at least I’d had a few free photos and a Merry Rexmas card from the Bramleys who ran it.

It's almost impossible (and a disservice to the others ) to put all your Rex in one basket by qualifying a single favourite album - I love the on the cusp, crispness and crackle of Electric Warrior, the chuga-bug boogaloo of The Slider, and the unrelenting Glam anthems of Tanx.

But, today I'm in the mood for the title track from The Slider.

The Slider

And how about few words from Marc ‘ a pervy little twerp’ as he refers to himself in an interview recorded just a few weeks before that fatal car crash.Marc Bolan Interview

US TV Ad' for The Slider album..

Meanwhile on the other side, you can find who connects Marc Bolan and Paul Weller.

Incidentally 20th Century Boy is a great riff to roll with if you're a guitar beginner.


Clair said...

Bolan fans are a super bunch; I got to meet loads at the memorial events last year which were done with Big Love.

Matthew Rudd said...

I was a member of that fan club too, based in Doncaster as I recall. The Bramleys seemed very nice after I asked - oh dear, heaven knows why - if I could so some writing for them as a member of the 'new generation'. It never happened. I still adore Bolan's music though.

Planet Mondo said...

Mate of mine's a drummer in a Bolan tribute band Too Rex they're always gigging, the front man's nailed Bolan totally - s'uncanny. Keep an eye out Clair they're coming to London soon - could be a good do for another blogmeet?.

Matt - you're right it was Doncaster - I think I even bought an album from them Billy Super Duper (unreleased rarities)

Piley said...

Slider is my fave Bolan album.. even the cover is my fave cover!

20th Century Boy is indeed a stormer, why I remember a local band round here in the late 80's who used to crunch out a pretty frenzied version ;-)


Planet Mondo said...

There's audio and video evidence of that P, but's it been given the 'deep archive' treatment.

Having said that I've just uploaded an Evening Echo cutting about the LK's into Facebook (which includes a pic' of me wearing a Bolan influenced topper)