Monday, September 29, 2008

The Company Of Wolves Part 2

Side 1 of The Wolfmen's blow-by-blow guide to their new album Modernity Killed Every Night is right here..

Jackie Says

Chris Constantinou
Lyrically inspired by a Jack the Ripper thing - a sort of love song that Jack may have sung, and a chance to play harmonica, which I hadn't played since school. Killer Marco guitar riffs on this one! And great drums by Swizzy aka Daniel Strittmatter.


This is obviously a love song! Yes! And I got a chance to play flute on it too which was fun. We were trying to get the feel of 'Crosstown Traffic' on the chorus riff so I used a kazoo along with some distorted high vox doubling the guitar riff. Groove-wise we were trying to get 'Crosstown Traffic' and 'Fool's Gold' ... probably came out nothing like that, but I really like this song a lot.

Wak This Bass

Lyrics were inspired by a manager who was driving me f***ing mad !! Ha ha ha - I love the vibe of this one - and it's so good to play live. Re the harp solo - I was thinking of 'Groovin' With Mr. Bloe' (the 70's harp instrumental) . Recorded this live at Raezor and Steve Musters mixed it. Great drumming by swizzy.

If You Talk Like That

Started off at me and Marco's - Dave Ruffy and partner worked
on it. Again lyrics inspired by certain types of annoying music biz
people :-)


Je T'aime Madame

Marco Pirroni
After a trip to Paris and a visit to a big record shop on the Champs-Elysees we noticed that everything sung in French sounds cool and also that all songs in French contain the word "fumée" espiacally the works of Alain Bashung

Lyrics are inspired by strolls down to St Paul's from my flat at the Angel on Sundays - recorded this live at Raezor and Steve Musters mixed it ..

To check out all the dates, details and some extra tracks - beam on over to...The Wolfmen's Myspace site

A super-duper soul salute goes out to Marco and Chris for all their help with putting this together and providing the A's to my Q's


lil x said...

“Jackie says” is really catchy - I love “Cecilie” and Je T’aime Madame”.
The Wolfmen have a great sound don’t they?
Your really spoiling us today PM…

Planet Mondo said...

They've got some pedigree you know - Marco's won two Ivor Novello Awards and co-written god knows how many charting tunes and Chris used to co-write with Guy Chambers (wrote loads for Robbie Williams) who's a serial hit-maker - so they do know how to knock out a quality tune or two and this albums loaded with them.

Simon said...

Dave Ruffy on drums on some of it? One of my favourite drummers ever!

Planet Mondo said...

I've just checked who Dave Ruffy is, never realised he was ex - Ruts. Something That I Said has some incredible 'skins' on it. Alan Mulder who did most of the mixing has a bit of history too.

Keep an eye out for London dates - The Wolfmen have been gigging at 333 Old St - I saw them there earlier this year, it's a great venue for their high volume stompers

Piley said...

More gems here PM! nice one!