Friday, October 3, 2008

Stress Down Friday - Farewell for Five Centres

Well, FC's decided to shut up shop - so that's another one gone pop. Apprentice and Istvanski self destructed. Axe Victim.. sorry - Col, Clair Woo, Matt and Suzy Roman have all had the blog-wobbles - and who hasn't? Knocking out a blog can feel like descaling your brain sometimes.

Anyway let's raise a glass (of Mateus, natch) and say goodbye, for now, to FC - and if you do decide to return to the Blogosphere old chap, don't forget stop in and say hello on either of my pieces of ol' puffery.

Fairport Convention - Meet On The Ledge

Fairport Convention - Meet On The Ledge

Frys 5 Center Bar Ad'


Col said...

Next time I am in Bath I shall be stopping for tucker at the 71 Bistro. Looks great. Does it have its own website?

JM said...

Am I alone in thinking that people sometimes just need to GET OVER THEMSELVES?

So you can't be arsed writing a blog any more. Fine, not really an issue. Just stop doing it and enjoy the freedom.

So why all the "woe is me, my tortured soul cannot deal with this any more" farewell messages and more irritatingly the wholesale deletion of all the hard work you have poured into it for however long.

It's a website, not an article of faith for heavens sake. I get very disappointed when someone I've enjoyed reading goes all navel gazing and self-immolating. It's like I've wasted my time following some self-regarding wanker.

Anyone want to disagree?

Five-Centres said...

I'll disagree JM, as it's not a woe is me thing, I'm just too busy these days to do it justice. I do hope to be back.

PM, I'm really touched, and fittingly it's the song I'd have played at my funeral, which is kind of appropriate.

I'll still be coming here, mind. See you around!

Planet Mondo said...

JM - I've been a long time follower and daily reader of FC's blog, and it was an influence on me setting up this site, my second blog - so I don't really see a problem in acknowledging that it's shame it's come to end for whatever reason . Equally, I'd also feel the same about any other blog, Magazine TV or radio show I enjoy that has the plug pulled.

Valentine Suicide said...

If you were a fan of the Apprentice Of The Universe you might like this?

Valentine Suicide said...

I'll disagree as well. I'll agree that one man's blog in not the 'be all and end all', and in the most cases just a distraction. But I've enjoyed F-C's blog'. I'm glad he's explained why it's not there anymore, and glad I've had a chance to say ta-ra..

Roman Empress said...

Beautiful song of course.
BTW I haven't had blog wobbles, unless I've run out of things to say of course. I love doing mine.