Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Do you want to see something really scary ? # 2 Terror TV

I'm a terror for a Public Information Film, and this seasonally shadowy short film applies the classic codes and conventions of any Hammer or Amicus production....

A Donald Pleasance voice over.

Set dressed with convincing contemporary costumes (for the time) and locations.

An other-worldy, wraith-in-rags visitor - death in the form of 'The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water' (a proto Dark Rider) tempting you to tumble.

A fist-shaking 'I'll be back' coda.

They really don't make 'em like this anymore.

Dark And Lonely Water

Also well worth a watch are almost any of Brian Clemens 'Thriller' series (with it's spooky tooting flute theme), almost all episodes have the intimacy of a radio play or theatrical performance - with the close crop shots and stripping out of any unnecessary incidental music all adding to the in-the-room experience

'Possesion', 'I'm The Girl He Wants To Kill' and 'One Deadly Owner' are must see All Hallows TV

'One Deadly Owner' intro

And I think my MP3 player may be psychic. Literally, as soon as I'd thought I really must find some spooky tunes this, this and Marsh Hunt's - '(Oh, No! Not) The Beast Day' popped into play.



lil x said...

Truly chilling public information film!
I love the spooky selection of tunes - This is my favourite time of the year...

Planet Mondo said...

I'm trying to crack up a Halloween mix in time for the 31st will let you know when it's up Lil

PS The Thriller series would be right up your spooky street

Five-Centres said...

That Thriller boxed set is great. The Patrick McGee one where he's a celebrated author giving a dinner party is great.

The theme tune terrified me as a child. I still can't watch it on my own.

Simon said...

Love Brian Clemens; British TV wouldn't have been the same without him.

Planet Mondo said...

FC - haven't seen that one yet. Possesion was the one terrified me it took 3 goes to finish it and I had to do it with someone watching with me. Honest!

Simon - that's so true and what a mighty team Brian's TV with Laurie Johnson's theme tunes made - Thriller, New Avengers and The Professionals.

Keith said...

I have no clue how I missed out that you did this blog. It's really cool. I'll definitely be checking it out more. I'm adding links to it on both my blogs.

Planet Mondo said...

Thanks Keith I've had this up and running for about a year now - it's meant be for anything that isn't music related, but seems to be going that way.