Saturday, October 25, 2008

A drunken interlude

Here's a first - my very first drunken post and bollox to the typos

Having been walloped with a DMCA fizzer this week - here's my thoughts on it -

Fuck'em the money grubbing bastards!!!

If these sleazy weasels are more interested in casting a sly eye over real music fans excited jabber about the music they love, rather than than working out why their shitty-no-hope-identikit-every bands have tanked in the traps - they deserve to sucked into the gunk and grime of their own sleazy, scabrous doings the penny pinching pricks.

When was the last time you read any band's biog' that mentioned how great the label or publishers were?Never that's when.

Read any musicians story and it's always the same story of early doors scams, stitch ups and record label rip offs. These are the same sort of crafty bastards that would willingly charge £100 for a boxed set of previously released material that included only one albums worth of goodies not good enough to release when the band were at there hottest.

Yet these same frozone-hearted Rushmore-faced fakers are happy to hound tune-atics for any spare penny they can squeeze and start acting the bully boy tough nut over some silly odd song business

Never mind The Bullies - I'll keep on posting unil the buggers pull the plug..


Cocktails said...

Go Mondo!!!

Planet Mondo said...

Oh dear what a scream up - I was on the wrong end of bottle of red and some vodka and grape juice though.

I do find it irritating that The Beatles first few albums made for tuppeny ha'penny in the sixties and recovered their costs God know how many times, are still being sold for around the £15 mark at most shops - (and The Beatles got a notoriusly rubbish 'penny in the pound' type deal too)

BLTP said...

It's all boolocks , your warning I mean. The sad thing is that it's done with no contaxt that is no one has actually been to your site some software will have picked up the tunes and sent the letter.
The music industry will hopefully go tits up very soon. As you say most fot eh music they push has long abo paid for it's self and the artist get nowt. I believe that they get 25% less royality for every new format so if you recorded on 78 you are stuffed.
Anway I hope they don't clout you as i as I've said elsewhere this blog and others is basically where I find new & old music, when was the last time you heard something on the radio and went out and bought it? (oh on stuart marconi programme.....)

Planet Mondo said...

That's the thing BL - no one who runs or reads music blogs are casual fans or passing trade types (in the same way as I know nothing about sport blogs, or if they even exist) it's likely that the only people who are activley involved with music blogs are passionate about the subject and probably the very same people that keep the industry from collapsing by regularly buying albums and tickets - and not just some greatest hits production-line-their-pockets collection at Christmas..

Keith said...

I don't blame your rant. I totally agree with you. The record labels make me sick. They are nothing but a bunch of blood suckers. They try to soak every last penny out of us. Most of what they release today is utter crap or it's been released so many times before. It's not like a music blog like yours is ripping the record labels off. You are sharing your love of music. If anything, you are introducing people to music they might not have heard before. Blogs like yours do a service. The record labels are too stupid to think that way though. Good luck. I hope it all works out.

BLTP said...

also Mondo in terms of the money involved a couple of Sex pistols boxsets addresses the balance most bloggers get steady but not massive traffic, it's the mass of people that raises the buzz. It's funny this time last year the media was full of Myspace break through bands (most of whom were nothing of the sort) now blogs etc are the spawn of the devil.

Cocktails said...

I think the problem is that record companies are still clinging on to a different 70s style business model. They clearly feel that they need to monetise absolutely everything they can (and clamp down on everything else). They just don't understand any other way.

Can I also play devils advocate round here and point out that record companies aren't all bad. They have taken massive financial risks in the past to support new artists. They need to rip people off on Beatles, Floyd and Pistols albums so as to subsidise all the acts that have failed!!

You could also argue that you devalue your catalogue the minute you start discounting prices - that's why you never see Beatles records cheap, it's premium product. Same that you never, ever see Soul Jazz or World Ciruit albums in the bargain bin.

It's an odd (and risky) business to be in really.

Planet Mondo said...

Thanks all - I'm planning to keep on posting until it all goes square - and as most of the stuff I post tends mainly to be oddities and obscurities, hopefully it shouldn't show up on too many record company radars - I'm sure the witch hunt will cool off soon..

I take your point about record companies Cocktails and have a few mates that run smaller labels, they struggle to make a living out of most acts. It's the high end companies and Simon Cowell-a-likes that wind me up. I saw him recently literally saying pop music and artists should be like washing powder - which is a massive disservice anyone who's got any genuine interest in music.

The market for record companies is there - look at attendances and the amount of UK festivals in any one year. But the entertainment business (incuding TV and film )seems to have become like McDonalds - find a winning formula and milk it.

when this is done properly and with some care and integerity about the music, IE Motown, it can be something wonderful -

Simon said...

Wow. Lots of this going on this week: Steve at Teenage Kicks and Ed at 17 Seconds blog have had this happen this week and others. JC at Vinyl Villain wrote a good little piece about this over at his yesterday too.

Ishouldbeworking said...

Agh, the tossers. Don't let them intimidate you (not that by the sounds of it, you're going to.). Your blog is a wonderful thing, and if it ever comes to it you can probably guarantee contributions from your grateful readers to pay any fines. I'd chip in more than happily.

Planet Mondo said...

Simon - they really seem to have ramped up their game, hopefully this will all fizzle out as some sort of silly blip, but why aren't they hassling torrent types instead, that's where the real piracy is.

Bless You ISB, you're too kind - PS watch of for a couple of Crocs Classics tomorrow on the P-Mondo blog.

Col said...

I hate record companies with a passion. It's time that those old dinos get with the times and realise that blogs such as yours do nothing but promote good music, not stop people from buying it. It's high time that record companies stopped screwing the public, as well as the artists, and invested again in vinyl. It's not quite so easy to download and burn to a CD. They've only got themselves to blame for fucking up their own market. It's ridiculous really. Their problem was that they thought that CD's were going to earn the industry millions through inflated CD prices (£15.00average in the early days) - who ever paid more than a tenner for an album on vinyl? - and then the Internet came along with the opportunity to download music and shagged 'em all up the arse! Deservedly so in my opinion. They're nothing but money grabbing scum. Mind you, I hate most of the music industry and that includes nearly everybody in it. It's rare to meet good people in music.

Leopold Stotch said...

Been nailed myself on about 2 dozen occasions from the DMCA. What I find is it's completely random. Example being The Beatles. They'll axe one post but leave the other 5 or so Beatles posts alone. They've also yanked posts containing no music. I'm beginning to think it's just a bot and not a bunch of assholes in room harassing bloggers.

BTW I did notice one interesting thing, hit me up via email and I'll tell you...