Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stress Down Friday - The Chilling Tunes of Choppers and Wolfmen

why not spirit yourself of to P-Mondo for a brand new monster mix of spooky tunesMondo Mania

I'd been planning to wrap up the 'see something scary' Halloween run with the trailer for this and this - my two personal favourite Amicus productions, but I actually fancy a tune or two instead.

Perhaps the moonlit crooning of Dennishopperchoppers (a one man band who plays all the instruments at the same time)? If the dark, rich resonance of Nick Cave's or Julian Cope's vocals ring your bell. DHC's album 'Chop' should be right up your shadowy alley. For a couple of other nuggets and links to his websites dig in here.

I Was Born

Don't Run From Me

'Don't Run From' me is more of a waltz-in-black type anthem, than Chop's typical late night Lynch-scapes and skeletal western soundtracking.

And it just wouldn't be Halloween with a prowl around from The Wolfmen would it? So how about the slinky lunar-tune glide of 'Je T'Aime Madame' - a grower which for me has become one the strongest songs in the Wolfmen's lair..

The Wolfmen - Je T'Aime Madame


Keith said...

Nice tunes for this weekend. Hope you have a spooky cool Halloween.

Planet Mondo said...

Thanks Keith - DHC is such a great album - I played it 6 times on the bounce when I first got it..