Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Do you want to see something really scary ? # 5 Don't Go Near the Water

Cashing in on the cinematic splash made by Jaws (which I became obsessed with and saw at least five times at the pictures) filmmakers chunked out a mad amount of 'When Animals Attack' movies at the tail end of the seventies, pointing a potentially-hostile-to-humans finger at such unlikely aggressors as bats, worms and whales.

I actually paid good coin to see this Flop-O-Matic movie. Have a peep at the trailer, you will not believe the Hollywood heavy-hitters that got on board on for this titanic wet fish of a film.

The novelisation of Pirhana was the first adult fiction book I read (aged 12). Published by New English Library, with, I think those oddly yellow edged pages - saw this one with Carrie (so much better) as the B-movie.

The Incredible Melting Man was another horrorshow seen around this period, although I seem to be the only person that remembers it.

The Incredible Melting Man - trailer

The Beach Boys - Don't Go Near the Water (in which the BB's appear to be doing a day trip to Southend)


rockmother said...

Don't Go Near The Water is one of my all time favourite Beach Boys songs. Nice post Mr Mondieu!

Simon said...

The Incredible Melting Man! He looked like pizza topping if I recall. Wasn't there a scene where his eye melts and runs down his face?

Planet Mondo said...

I didn't know this track until some recent U-tube trawling - they don't look much like the Beach Boys though, more like they've been sleeping rough - what it's all about RM ?

Simon if you click on the 'TIMM' link in the post - it'll take you to a trailer for the film - remember 'slime'? He looks like he's turning into that.

Keith said...

I did see Pirhana. I loved it! There were quite a lot of these movies when I was a kid. My bro and I never wanted to go to the beach. We were too scared of what might be out there.

Planet Mondo said...

How about Rollercoaster did you see that or Viva Knievel I can't believe I actually went paid earth pounds for both of those...