Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Do you want to see something really scary ? # 3 Going Underground

I’ve always enjoyed the classic seventies run of Dr Who (John Pertwee/Tom Baker), but I’m not an anorak by any stretch of the space time continuum

So surprising then really, that the band of baddies who prompted the most frightmares and stealthy footed sprints to the door are a lower league outfit of dark menacers known as The Ogrons

Yes, the Daleks were scary in a screechy neurotic Nazi-livery-talking-mobility-scooter way, the Sea Devils lumbering around in string vests/fisherman’s nets were politely frightening – but The Ogrons, a morbid mash-up of the Planet of The Apes Gorilla soldiers, cross bred with The Klingons were the most blood chilling of all the intergalactic bad guys.

I only saw them in just one series (where I think they lived under a bridge, by a canal) – but their fang baring, cadaverous leathery faces, twisted psycho-killer grin and sly eyed silence have stayed with me ever since.

When shooting for the new series of Dr Who gets underway (and why not have Jim Dale as a new Doctor), hopefully The Ogrons will be high on the list of re-animated enemies.

And if you fancy putting the self-inflicted frighteners on yourself why not have a day trip to Chislehurst Caves ( used as a location for a Pertwee period Dr Who series) over 20 miles of man made caverns and passageways, dug over a period of 8000 years. Used as a former WW2 air raid shelter and sixties music venue, but with no electric light after the entrance and large looming tunnels around every corner - you can be sure of short night's sleep after your visit..

The Haunted Chamber at Chislehurst Caves - could you take up the long running challenge to spend a night here?


BLTP said...

I must wander along to chiselhurst caves sometime. Other thna Daleks and Cybermen I just rmember 1970's dr who as being just scary I rember cowering from some dinosaurs but from 5-7 on a sat I was just scared

Keith said...

I would love to see the Ogrons on the new Doctor Who. We've seen the Daleks, etc. make a return. It would be awesome to see some other baddies from the past. I also loved the 70's Doctor Who episodes. I watched them on PBS over here. I do wonder who will be the next Doctor.

Planet Mondo said...

BL - I think the dino episode was one of the first I ever saw (I remember being black and white, and something trying to leap in the back of a jeep)at about the same age. You really should treat yourself to a trip to Chiselhurst - but give it a swerve if you've got any phobias about darkness, enclosed spaces, open spaces, getting lost, deep ravines - Mrs PM still has nightmares about 3 years on from our visit.

Hey Keith - good for you getting on the Who run. There's whispers about Rowan Atkinson getting the call up for the part

Piley said...

always hated Dr Who with a passion PM. Everyone has been banging on about the 'new who' so much over the last few years, that I thought i'd give it another go... predictably, i thought it was shite!

Weird tho, cos I like a bit of sci-fi, but looking back, never crazy about British Sci-fi... Blakes 7 anyone?


Planet Mondo said...

I was never big on Brit - Sci-fi

Blakes Seven (ooh look they've beamed down to that quarry again)

Sapphire and Steel (yawn)

Tomorrow People (Jaunt off)

But do have a soft spot for the Doc' - check out the Stone Angels episode super spooky.

BLTP said...

PM: but we invented the stuff the americans just added men in tights, at least the japanese added godzilla and fighting robots. Blakes seven is grim though saw some shows recently and god they are stark. I don't how we got through the 80's with bleak 7 and the like.