Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Autumn Almanac Pt. 2 – with an Autumnal Easter Egg

Part 1 of Autumn Almanac is available over on Planet Mondo

Part 2 has two youtube clips, 2 MP3 treats
and 1 hidden nugget (can you find it?)

I also recommend digging out Dad’s Army 'All is Safely Gathered In' - in which Godfrey requests leave to help an old sweetheart with the harvest, and Mainwaring offers the services of the platoon which ends up in a drunken Thanksgiving.

The Small Faces - The Autumn Stone.
As drifty dreamy as bonfire smoke

The Autumn Stone - MP3

Neil Young - Harvest Moon,
‘helium honk’s harvest tune – great one for guitar beginners to learn .

Harvest Moon - MP3

And by request
Ronnie Lane - The Poacher

Ronnie Lane - The Poacher (unreleased)


BLTP said...

nice leafy idea the faces mp3 link is not working, if we are on a getting it together in the country tip how about the "poacher" by ronnie lane.

Planet Mondo said...

Thanks to the good people at Plusnet who wiped my webspace the MP3's were unavailable - but are back now and I've added as The Poacher too. Did you find the hidden vid? Autumn Almanac Pt. 1 is on planet mondo if you fancy a peep

BLTP said...

which version of the poacher is this it sounds diffrent form mine more demoy

Planet Mondo said...

It's from Live in Austin, a great album and based around Ronnies final radio session's and interview's

I've also uploaded an alt.version from Lucky 7's (and features Clapton)

Annie's another great 'plonk' track - I met his brother recently a real gent

Axe Victim said...

Still not able to play Poacher my dear Mondo. Can you check it out and let me know when I can downlaod?
Cheers. AV

Planet Mondo said...

Whoops - all sorted now