Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Can't Be Arsed Artwork

I came across Barbra Streisand's Butterfly album recently, my excuse is - she covers Bowie's Life On Mars on it (yes, really). But could this be the laziest or most literal album artwork ever?

It's some butter. With a fly on it.
What in the name of Storm Thorgerson is going on with this unhygienic howler? It's really not the best way for Barbra to put the goods on the barrow. (grease, germs and something eating it's own sick)

Neil Young's Are You Passionate? has a touch of the lazy loafer about it, as well as being shoulder cringingly corny (not even the local camera club could click off this cracker barrel of cheese)

But ol’ 'helium honk' is a repeat offender for Friday afternoon knock off's - Living With War and Re-ac-tor, are from the bottom of the lazy bones barrels and would have Pete Saville chewing his own desk with rage.


bleecher said...

check out Hard-Fi: Once Upon A Time In The West cop out with a capital SHITE

Planet Mondo said...

I just checked that cover - Lame

PIL did something similar on 'Album' but it worked.

The Hard Fi howler is enough to almost make me start a new thread 'Albums I would never buy because of the cover'

Clair said...

Worst. Cover. Ever.


Great album, though...

Planet Mondo said...

That's a spooktacular, Like a Dr Who villain gone prog

Valentine Suicide said...

Surely the new Stereophobics (hehe) album 'Pull the Pin' takes the prize?

Planet Mondo said...

Good Shout VS

I actually nominated it here


"Have you seen the Latest Stereophonics one? That's it exactly. Sixth form course work knocked out the night before the due date with an hours chopping in the (Photo)shop"

Piley said...

great post PM - Did you ever see that top 20 worst covers powerpoint that was doing the rounds a while back? that had some incredible and quite disturbing covers on it. One that will be forever etched on my braid was by some fella called Freddie Gage, and his legendary (??!) album "all my friends are dead". Got a party coming up? this album is all you need to get it going! What a guy!

See that cover here: