Monday, October 1, 2007

Hello............Is It Me You're Looking For?

Hello Bloggers and Bloggettes, you’ve tuned into Channel Mondo the flip side of Planet Mondo

Let me clarify

Planet Mondo
is all about fizz, puffery and pop culture bytes that get the thumbs up.

Channel Mondo is about grumbles, mumbles and modern life rubbish that get the thumbs down.

Any ol' stodge, stinkers or nonsense that turn me into a bit of a crosspatch, put my needles in the red, or manages to work me in to a right ol' steaming tizz’ gets on the blog.

And at the moment there seems to be more stodgy stuff than ever to be blogging on about. Some of the ideas I've got lined up include:

Has The World Gone Inane? - too much bandwith and not enough to fill it.

Bad Book Club - this could be anything from books to magazines that are rotten reads.

The Three Wise Men Of Rock - a 3 part posting.

But it's not all bad news - I'll also be including:

Reason's To Be Cheerful - people, places or any ol' thing that's put a spring in my step

Mellow Mondo - soothing tunes and youtube treats

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