Monday, November 5, 2007

Retromaniac Pt 1 - Cigarettes and Alcohol

Following on from Fridays funky theme - Robins Nest, and the TV related threads over on two tip top blogs Davy H - here and Sky Clearbrook - here, I'm on a bit of retro TV buzz, not in a "wasn't it all a bit wacky let's snear and snide behind our hands " - clip show way, but just fancy digging around in the dusty loft of film and TV treats that is Youtube.



Double Diamond


Sky Clearbrook said...

Cheers for the link PM!

Show me someone who doesn't enjoy P&D's Asteroids and I'll show you someone who doesn't enjoy life.

Planet Mondo said...

No prob's SC

If only I could find the old cinema ad that used to go "'Ere Bert this is the place...... (tag local business name on the end)"