Monday, November 19, 2007

Start Making Sense Pt 1 - Chinstrap Beards

What in the name of Dr Mop are chinstrap beards all about?

Fair enough if you're a Quaker, Amish or just enjoy dressing like Windy Miller, but anyone else - why?? Even morris dancers don't go gadding around in their ribbons, bows and pig's bladder balloons away from the village green/pub car park. I can understand the solid earthiness of a full beard, even the neatly clipped precision of a 'tache. But chinstraps - why??And the haircut of choice that the chin strapped chap seems favour with his beardy based version of a comb over is usually

A - geometric pudding bowl fringe
B - bald/shaven

Check out the hyperkinetic ball of sexual tension that is Jospeh here,this is all genuine with no tweakage (apart from the italics)

"I grew my beard because I got bored with being the clean cut look and figured it would be interesting -- plus when some of the women at work complained too much,

what did he do?

"I knew I was onto something- they may deny it, but we all know they love it. ;)"

Not sure I like the no means yes tone there J

"Can't have a mustache though, because I am a tuba player, The downside is that it is freaking hot in summer - "

Aaaaaahh - so that'll be why you're naked in a photo booth then?

"the upside is that I spend winters in Finland, where it works great at keeping the wind off my cheeks. :) "

Upside for who - your Floridian neighbours, the girls at work - surely not the good people of Finland who get Oddbod flying in for a full winters worth of tooting on his tuba.?

So there you go forget Facebook, Bebo and other social networking sites is where the hot action is frying tonight.


BLTP said...

chief offender Mr Michael "my farm's not covered in mud this is the best glasto ever" Eavis. I have thought however of shaving the back of my head and growing chinstrap beard in loop around my face !!! Can I also mention the neck beard ie cheeks, top lip and chin clean shaven nape of neck bushy as you like urrrggghhh!

Planet Mondo said...

I forgot about Eavis - he looks like one of the seven dwarfs, Santa's little helper or as if he should be fishing from toadstool.

Have a peep here for some hirsute howlers I think I'll be going for the 'French Fork' this winter

Anonymous said...

mr Neil 'you sure got a purrdy mouth' Young has been known to sport a strapping ... eerr strap... in his time too

'bleech' with forgotten password on someone else's computor