Thursday, November 8, 2007

Retromaniac Pt 4 - The Kids In America

I'm convinced there must have been a few 'stoners' and 'heads' working on children's TV in the U.S.

Sesame Street - Jazz Spies number 10

Sesame Street - Baker number 5

And they even got Stevie Wonder to tear it up on Sesame Street.

But the Banana Splits knew how to shake a leg as well, believe it or not this Saturday morning soul stomper was written by Barry White.
You can read all aboout it here

And by special request Danger Island - for Axe Victim
uh oh…chongo - wasn't that how it used to go?

They always had the coolest gear in America, which I never sent off for (I didn't know what to do when they asked for a 'Zip Code')

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