Friday, June 13, 2008

Hello Sailor

I'm a long time browser of Axe Victim's rocking blog, and watched from an offstage observer's POV whenever AV has blogged about his band Magic Ship's influences, lyrics and how the group have been tweaking and tuning themselves into a ship shape rock group.

So I knew then, that the debut album 'Love Tel Motel' wouldn't let me down - what I didn't expect was a thunderous non stop rocker that rolls from Faces and Stones stompers like 'Fly' and 'Love Tel Motel' to Reef and Primal Scream strutters like 'Standing Taller' and 'Love and Glory' via Ronnie Lane-Floyd-CSN style stoner strummings of 'Monkeyphonic Alphabet' in one fully formed and funky bundle.

If you fancy cruising through guitar shaped soundscapes of two fisted classic rock with a catchy pop topping and tunes that leave a flaming trail of bourbon, diesel and desert dust in their wake - treat yourself with a trip to the 'Love Tel Motel' - this album is going to be the soundtrack to summer for me and I would guess anyone who hears the Magic Ship shaking their rocks off.

But don't just take my word for it blogging legend Rock Mother dedicated an entire Romo For Real Podcast to ver Ship's blistering debut album, and Ivstanki has a live bootleg of Magic Ship's maiden show available for download.

So rock and roll over to either of the Magic Ship sites for dates and details of the album, live shows, new songs and to meet my favourite new ship mates...

The magic ship Website

The magic ship on MySpace


Piley said...

nice review Mondo and a great album to boot!

Axe Victim said...

Yes I concur. Thanks you Mondo for your eloquent words about our 'umble little album. I've just seen that you can get it from CDBaby now
How cool is that?

Ad said...

Just to make it more interesting guess how many studio (ahem) hours it took to do the 10 tracks?

Planet Mondo said...

Ad - I'm guessing around 100 hours?

Ad said...

You're only 81 out.

19hrs in four and a half seperate sessions by my reckoning.

If we hadn't of faffed around so much I reckon we could have got it down to 12.