Thursday, June 26, 2008

How's Your Luck?

Are you a winner? I'm not really, but I once worked with the Queen of competions, who was always scooping up sackloads of prizes - cash, clothing, holidays, furniture. Her dead cert' technique was dead simple - have scattergun goes at any/every cut out competition. She was constantly collecting coupons, completing snappy captions and telling retailers why their treats where so tasty in twenty five words or less.

I've only ever won one 'answers on postcard' prezzie - it was in the eighties Bowie fanzine 'Starzone'. I can't remember the question but the prize was a promo poster for Eno's 'Apollo' album signed by the pop boffin himself and cover artist Russell Mills. I've got it framed somewhere.

These pic's (Lolly Pop and Jack Pott) are taken from the always excellent Fleetway Street.


Cocktails said...

I don't win much either.

My most recent win was at our local residents association shin-dig where we donated a bottle of champers we didn't want as a prize in the raffle.

So guess what I won in the raffle?

There must be a moral to this...

Planet Mondo said...

There's a John Lennon tune about that sort of carry on - still, at least it wasn't the basket of lavender soaps (I'm sure it's the same bloody basket at every raffle)

bleecher said...

Go to our photo challenge on facebookhere

and you could be a winner!!! sorry my mondo....

Planet Mondo said...

Bleech - don't worry nothing wrong with a bit of stealthy spamalot between mates.

Roman Empress said...

I've won:
A talent contest singing 'material girl'.
An INXS video.
£50 note in a raffle.
Bottle of pomagne in a tombola.

Stick with me kid, stick with me.

Planet Mondo said...

RE - you've just jogged my memory - I won loads of Crocodillo (even though I was too young to drink it)onstage in a Radio Luxmebourg road show 'bits and pieces' type quiz. It was in the local papers and everything.

Mr Norman should remember Crocodillo

Simon said...

I won 220 quid on the lotto as part of a syndicate.

And I won the final round of a writing competition on Capital Radio back in the early 80s. My prize? To read my story out on air.

But nothing else!

That scattergun approach though, doesn't always work. I did that myself for a while a few years back. The only winner was the post office. Stamps - I had loads!

But sometimes - you do have to be in it to win it!!