Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Txt Pest

Who was the anonymous boffin that invented predictive text? In principle it's a neat and nifty idea, but in practice I usually want to smash the sodding phone to smoke and splinters. Here's a few examples that I've almost become bitextual at translating without any mental blinking..

What I Want - What I Get
Don't - Foot
Go - In
Home - Good
If - He

Other assorted oddities include..

Time - Vindaloo
Paragraph or Paracetmol - Parachuting

And in some farcical fingers 'n' thumbs fumble - I once signed off causing confusion and cringed shoulders for the textee "that's great news thief"


Axe Victim said...

Oh gr8, a kin pst on txtin. Wot u doin l8r m8? Arrrrrgggggggggghhh!

Planet Mondo said...

Don't even start me on that fun size gubbins!

Roman Empress said...

It does actually spell 'Suzy' which is helpful. You can also train your phone to remember oft used words. Annoying when you lose your phone though.