Monday, July 13, 2009

iTunes Advice?

So Piley and I have recorded our first podcast, which is now listed on the iTunes store. But, with neither of us being ITS users have got a couple of concerns about getting our collars felt for the use of music.

Clearly we're just a tiny blip in the scheme of things, but, is iTunes as a platform, high profile enough for us to be possibly spotted by any passing trade who just happen to be DMCA PRS types - and as a consequence get busted for copyright, non-clearance or licensing issues regarding tunes played in the Podcast ?

Any ideas or suggestions on how we stand with the use of music in these things would be welcome? Or would we be better off keeping it local, and only posting Podrophenia on our blogs to avoid the dreaded DMCA takedowns..


Cocktails said...

Mmmm, I've been faffing around with podcasting at work and we have to make sure that we've got clearance for absolutely everything. But that's work.

I would think though that you want to be careful about these things. I am sure that the PRS are well aware of what goes on with itunes and licensing, and keep a careful eye on it.

You could always just link to your Podrophenia feed from your own sites if you didn't want to promote it TOO much.

I suppose the question is are you trying to make it easier for your existing listeners/readers or do you want to go wider?

The other podcast like yours that I listen to (Toffee Sunday Smash) is notably not on itunes. Perhaps because of the copyright hassle?

Planet Mondo said...

I really added to iTunes as a format for people who are ITS users rather than blog-browsers.

It's been approved by the iTunes team, and my brother who's in the music biz professionally said we should be ok as it's not chart or heavy-hitting tunes. But even so having been whacked with a DMCA takedown on the blog a while back - am slightly wary.

Keith said...

I have no clue. I'm not much of a tech guy. I wish you guys the best. The podcast was awesome. I can't wait for more of them.

Valentine Suicide said...

I would have thought it was OK if iTunes have approved the content and agreed to host it?

Have they sent you T's & C's? Is there anything in there about copyrighted content?

Planet Mondo said...

I may stick with it for a bit - I guess the worst that can happen is a cease and desist. And high profile bootleg remixers get away with some outrageous stuff, so we should be ok.
*crosses fingers*