Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Vinyl Countdown

It's pink vinyl and on Chrysalis - any ideas?

So how's your summer been going? Mine's been spent rediscovering the joys of vinyl. Thanks to a few sipping and spinning sessions in Coops garden, I've been inspired to pick up a portable turntable with built in speaker and handy USB connection for ripping to MP3. So the singles box has been collected from the loft, the cobwebbed albums dusted off and fired up at 33 rpm. Jazz sounds fab, George Melly's Nuts has been on almost perma-play, as has Sergio Mendes & The New Brazil 77 LP. Seven inch singles are the perfect pop format, with ideas and inventiveness at every level, and colored vinyl looks better than ever..

There really is simply nothing as soothing as some garden based sitting and spinning on a summers evening. I'd forgotten how pleasing the ritual of putting on a seven inch single is - combine it with 'lucky dipping': take a box of singles and what gets pulled is what gets played, and you've got perfect evening's entertainment.

Bargains bagged have been the Les Humphries Singers - Mexico for 50p, and this little haul from Spitalfields Market - a reggae cover of How Deep Is Your Love on 7", Pete Townshend's first solo album and three latin funk comps. Thirteen nuggets the lot - 'mazing.

So what's on the shopping list..George Melly Son Of Nuts, Head Hands and Feet Warming Up The Band (featuring an early doors Albert Lee and Chas & Dave). The Faces Maybe I'm Amazed (the studio version was a single only release).

Oh - and can anyone suggest a 'violet' 7" single to complete my vinyl rainbow (didn't Squeeze have one)

Red - The Damned - Love Song
Orange - UK Subs - Party In Paris
Yellow - The Dickies - Banana Splits
Green - UK Subs - She's Not There
Blue - UK Subs - Tomorrow's Girls
Indigo - ELO - Sweet Talking Woman

Last night's listening


bleecher said...

is it cool for cats by squeeze..tho it looks a bit dark for that one....

Planet Mondo said...

CFC is another pinky, actually I found it on Ebay - it's 'Up The Junction' sort of lavender, but close enough for violet..

Piley said...

I reckon its King Rocker by Generation X.... think there were 4 diff covers and 4 diff colour singles. I got the Bob Andrews (Derwood) cover with a luv-lee orange vinyl. Even then (aged 13) I had the collector bug and desperately wanted them all...

red = Billy Idol (nobody had it in stock)

orange = Bob Andrews (Derwood)

yellow = Mark Laff

pink = Tony James, which is what I thinks you is spinnin in the pic?

Still got nearly all my vinyl, and still pick a few bits up. Have always had decks about the place tho, so has always been a constant source of music for me.


Cocktails said...

What you actually played Breakthrough?! Surely not all the way through?

Planet Mondo said...

Well done P King Rocker (Tony James edt) it is - did you ever get the Valley Of The Dolls single rotten green and orange vinyl - The Plasmatics blood splattered singles are a bit lively too.

Did you have The Damned's Love Song I got the Algy cover but always wanted Vanian.. you tempted with one of those portable decks?

No I hardly touched Breakthrough Cocktails, but the other Studio 2 album pictured has a gorgeous version of Wichita Lineman by Brian Bennet

Piley said...

I have indeed got that Valley Of The Dolls! Although rotten green and orange vinyl is the first time I've heard it called that. I've always referred to it as 'poo' coloured!

Got all 4 of The Damned's Love Song covers (one of which is signed).

Despite looking lovely, I've no real need for a portable deck. I already have 2 (non portable) decks which get regular use!

Ishouldbeworking said...

My, that's a pretty turntable. I'm sorely tempted, but like Piley, we still keep an old one one in the living room so we can reach for the vinyl as and when the mood strikes. My favourite coloured piece is our gold 'New Boots and Panties', but it's too fragile to play much now.

Furtheron said...

I ought to dig my vinyl out of the loft. Although increasingly I've been buying CDs off my treasured ones like UFO, Joe Satriani etc.

Planet Mondo said...

P c'mon for £50 notes how can you pass up this little gem, sitting, sipping and spinning in the garden is perfect summer sport..

PS - did you have any UK Subs in black must be a rarity..

'Gold vinyl' ISB sounds a real gem. I've got some shaped picture discs, which I really must catalogue

Do it.Do It. F-ron. Such a great experience - your selection sounds entirely like a large chunk of Mrs Mondo's album collection which includes Marillion, Maiden and Jethro Tull but is tempered with Dolly Parton albums

Keith said...

That looks so cool. I need to get some sort of turntable. My last one finally died completely.

Anonymous said...

Nice Pic-I'm currently Using One of those Natty Ion Portable turntables to rip albums to my Blog ( )