Friday, July 17, 2009

Really, Really Not The Sort Of Song You Want Rattling Around Your Head All Day.

Riddle me this Batman - what's the mystery tune?

But sadly, there it is seeded, singing and ringing around my synapses. A tune that gatecrashed my internal playlist yesterday, (my mistake for downloading I suppose) and has bounced about like mad spacehopper or a bad penny ever since. A loony tune on a permament loop.

Damn those seventies soundtrackers for their catchy compostitions

I know what is - but do you ?

Mystery Tune

Having said that, it would make the perfect soundtrack to my single figure total of DIY attempts.


Brian Rowland said...

Hello Mondo. I think it's the theme to the second On the Buses film, Mutiny on the Buses. I have to say I've seen the first five minutes of this film about eight times, but rarely get much further.

Who composed it, do you know?

Planet Mondo said...

Bang on Brian it is 'Mutiny' probably the weakest of the trilogy, 'Holiday' being the diamond in the rough..

It's a Ron Grainger composition - he of Dr Who and The Prisoner fame

Brian Rowland said...

Isn't it the first OTB film that contains the following priceless lyric?:

"And you can get it on the buses/
Upstairs or down inside"

Piley said...

damn, ida got that one no danger!!

I can even see the opening credits in my head. Can't believe you still rate 'holiday'! Each one is worse than the last, and the first ones shite!!

Saw 'holiday' yet again a month or two ago on ITV, and i'm sure there used to be a bit in the swimming pool where Olive's, ahem, arris floats to the top... but it was gone in this showing. Did i dream that?


Planet Mondo said...

You must, must, must treat yourself to a copy of this B, Hammer Comedy Film Music Collection all OTB variants and a bonus acapella version - pssst you can find it via Google blog search for free.

Disagree P most are honk, but Holiday is a comedy goldmine - the toilet with the thinners, Blakey's dance classes, the toilet in the bushes.

And yes that scene is in the full fat version 'Aw my good Gawd, like the moon coming over the mountain' was Blakey's summary of the situation

Keith said...

I had no clue. That was cool to hear it. I've never seen the movie it's from.

Gabbi said...

I had no-eye-deer.... but damn it's catchy.

Stephanie said...

Hey! Love the Batman cover. The Riddler was always one of my favorite villains. :)