Tuesday, July 7, 2009

P.A.M Airs

Piley and I have gone and recorded our first Podcast Podrophenia. It's an hour of chit chat and tunes based around the theme of cover versions with the pair of us muttering around about music - why not get an earful of it right here


Keith said...

Hey there. I listened to it. It's awesome. I love the combo of cool tunes (what a great selection) and also the chit chat. You guys have done a fantastic job. I hope you will do more of these.

BLTP said...

sent a congrats email not sure if you got it anyway good stuff. I love the whole "punk rock" way of it all, "s*d it we can make our own music shows."
long live DIY (except the sort with drills and rawl plugs)

Planet Mondo said...

Thanks Keith - more are in the pipeline, but feel free to suggest any themes though...

Didn't see that one BL, but glad it's rocking your boots.. And yes we've gone for a strictly 'happy amateur' vibe

Valentine Suicide said...

Brilliant! Very entertaining AND educational. Wonder if you can get 'em into iTunes?

The Japan cover used to be a favourite of mine, back in the day, but can hear too much Mick Jagger mimicry which puts me off.. Oh, and Maggie May by Jilted John? ;)

You've inspired me, and am in negotiations with ISBW's agent for the first "I Should Be Suicidal" podcast..

Look forward to the next one!

Planet Mondo said...

Your right VS Damon is a bit like Jilted John..but also the short one from East 17, you know him that ran himself over (how did he manage that the great 'nana)..

I'm checking out how to crack into itunes, will let you know..

I Should Be Suicidal - that's podcast gold surely?